Wilmar Sugar’s Mackay region mills are counting down to the end of crushing.
Wilmar Sugar’s Mackay region mills are counting down to the end of crushing.

CRUSH: Train derailment cuts throughput at Plane Creek

ALMOST 48,000 tonnes of cane was crushed at Plane Creek mill last week, bringing the season total to more than 1.08 million tonnes.

Wilmar cane supply manager John Tait reported throughput was down due to processing issues and a derailment.

There were reports of a cane train derailment in Sarina last Thursday.

“The highest CCS for the week was 17.8 from the Turnors Paddock productivity area,” Mr Tait said.

“Some isolated showers throughout the district did not impact harvesting and average weekly CCS is still above budget at 15.35 units.”

Meanwhile, Proserpine mill’s weekly throughput was more than 78,000 tonnes.

The mill’s crop estimate has been revised down to 1.55 million tonnes and its last major maintenance stop for the season was on Wednesday, October 30.

Cane supply manager Tony Marino said the week’s average CCS of 14.68 units took the season-to-date CCS to a “respectable” 14.08 units.

“The highest CCS sample last week was 17.31 from a rake of first ratoon Q208 in the Kelsey Creek Productivity District,” Mr Marino said.

“The last day of harvesting is currently estimated to be next Thursday, November 14, subject to weather and unscheduled stops.”

Week 20 results Plane Creek mill:

Cane crushed: 47,828 tonnes

Average bin weight: 3.87 tonnes

CCS: 15.35

Week 19 results Proserpine mill:

Cane crushed: 78,112 tonnes

Average bin weight: 9.10 tonnes

CCS: 14.68