CSG workers reminded to put safety first

CONTRACTORS helping to build Queensland's booming coal seam gas industry are being told to take care after a spate of deaths in the resources industry.

Although there have been no deaths on the state's gas sites in the past 12 months, Mine Safety and Health Commissioner Stewart Bell said it was no time to slack off.

In an industry-wide safety alert, Commissioner Bell reminded workers that a 21-year-old contractor was killed on the Fairview gas fields in June last year.

"Families should be confident when a loved one goes to work, in any industry, that they will come home safely regardless of whether they are contractors or mining company employees."

Mr Bell said having well-trained workers and keeping equipment maintained and labelled had to be a priority.

All those on-site should know what they are responsible for, what part they play in ensuring the safety of colleagues and are competent in their work.