Cyclone Ada victims remembered

FIFTY years on from the terror of Cyclone Ada, a committed group of survivors have ensured the victims will never be forgotten, with a special memorial, unveiled on Saturday.

The event changed forever the lives of those who went through it.

The category 3 cyclone was one of the worst to ever hit the region, killing 14 people and wreaking havoc with wind gusts up to 220 kms/hr.

It crossed the coast near Shute Harbour late on Saturday, January 17, and caused considerable damage from the high winds and subsequent flooding, on Sunday, January 18.

Survivors of the intense cyclone have banded together to create a lasting memorial befitting of the disaster and pays tribute to those who perished.

A special service took place on Saturday, January 18, 2020, on the Airlie Foreshore, where survivors shared stories of their experiences.

The memorial – made possible through funding from Whitsunday Regional Council – is a granite and stone structure, built by local stonemason Mark Harris.

It stands on the Airlie Foreshore, about halfway between the creek and the Airlie Hotel.