Dad given chance to be adult son's guardian

AN ADULT who needs a guardian had to be placated when he learned his father wanted to be his caregiver.

The father was made the subject of a forensic order in late 2014 and was in a mental health facility until March this year.

The son's guardianship order was due for review, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard in Bundaberg.

In a judgment delivered at Hervey Bay and published online on Friday, QCAT Member John Milburn said the father wanted the adult son to live with him.

The father came to the hearing but the son indicated he did not want his dad there.

The tribunal let a forensic liaison officer speak with the father about the son's wishes.

The son couldn't make his mind up, seeming agitated and stressed, Mr Milburn added.

"It was not clear to the tribunal whether the presence of the adult's father would cause serious emotional harm to the adult,” he said.

The tribunal made a "closure order” to examine the adult and other witnesses without the father present.

Eventually, the tribunal decided the father could be part of the hearing.

The adult then calmed down and was happy for his father to participate, Mr Milburn wrote.

The tribunal accepted the adult's father was entitled to apply to be appointed as guardian but his caregiving status would be decided at a later date.

QCAT can be convened to review appointments involving guardians for adults with impaired decision-making capacity. -NewsRegional