QRC chief Michael Roche has predicted another upturn in the mining sector globally
QRC chief Michael Roche has predicted another upturn in the mining sector globally Mike Richards

Coal exports rise and gas production set for boom: report

MINING in the Darling Downs has been given a plug in the Queensland Resources Council State of the Sector September quarter report.

The report stated coal and gas operations supported more than 15,000 or 13% of all jobs while using 0.3% of that region's land.

In the report, QRC chief Michael Roche predicted another upturn in the mining sector globally.

It found coal exports in the June increased three million tonnes on the previous quarter, despite historically low prices.

The report pointed to the rapidly burgeoning LNG industry, with gas production projected to increase from 38.6 billion cubic metres in 2015-16 to 53.5 billion cubic metres in 2019-20.

Mr Roche said the International Energy Agency's 2015 World Energy Outlook showed a positive outlook for the state's resources sector.

He said the sector had the capability to energise Asia, including India, which IEA predicted would soon become the number one importer for coal.

But Mr Roche said the state and federal approvals system needed to be changed so the sector could take advantage of the growing markets.

He said the legal hurdles now confronting resource projects working to finalise regulatory approvals would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

Mr Roche accused environmental groups of blocking tactics.

He said laws should at least be amended so mining companies could not be taken to court over indirect emissions.

Earlier this week the Australian Conservation Foundation launched a legal challenge against Adani's $16 billion Carmichael coal mine on the basis the Federal Government did not properly consider climate pollution from the mine.

Lock the Gate spokeswoman Vicki Perrin called on the QRC to reveal the methodology used to calculate the numbers.