Belinda Hassan at the 2019 Dawson Debate in Mackay.
Belinda Hassan at the 2019 Dawson Debate in Mackay. Emma Murray

Alarming candidate attack: Alleged fuel tank arson attempt

BELINDA Hassan has allegedly been the target of a suspected arson attack in what Labor's Dawson candidate labelled "a dangerous attempt at intimidation".

It is understood a fuel tank of Ms Hassan's car was broken into, a plastic bag was stuffed into the tank and set alight.

Ms Hassan said she was "disgusted" by the incident.

"Politics should be better than these dirty tactics," Ms Hassan said.

"This has been a scary incident and it's extremely concerning behaviour in the context of a campaign."

It is understood that Ms Hassan herself noticed an issue with her vehicle this morning and reported the matter to police.

"I'm pretty disgusted that instead of fighting on policy, someone has resorted to a dangerous attempt at intimidation," Ms Hassan said.

Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen condemned the actions.

"Any form of illegal, destructive or violent activity should not be part of the Australian political process," Mr Christensen said.

"There is no room for such cowardly attacks - in or out of politics.

"When caught, those involved should be punished to the full force of the law."