A landing fee now applies to all people visiting Daydream Island via the ferry. Image: Supplied.
A landing fee now applies to all people visiting Daydream Island via the ferry. Image: Supplied.

Daydream responds to day trip cancellations

CANCELLATIONS of day tours to Daydream Island with Cruise Whitsundays will remain until the end of January, however tourists and residents can still visit the island via ferry or their own boat after paying a landing fee.

The landing fee of $38 for adults and $19 for children aged 4-12 was put in place on January 4 and will be a permanent cost for those visiting the island by ferry or independently.

It will be charged on top of the mooring fee people already have to pay when travelling in their own boat to the island.

Chief operating officer of Daydream Island Dilip Madhok said the landing fee was implemented so those travelling on the ferry also paid for the facilities alongside hotel guests.

“People are just buying a ferry ticket and coming across but not on a tour,” he said.

“They are using all the facilities but there are other people paying for accommodation that are using the same facilities.

“It’s not fair on people who are paying.”

The landing fee covers the cost of facilities on the island such as pool access and the living reef.

However, day trips to Daydream Island with Cruise Whitsundays are still on ice until the end of the month.

Cruise Whitsundays general manager Shaun Cawood said the day tours were under review.

“Cruise Whitsundays is currently reviewing its Daydream Island day tour prices in light of a new resort fee being imposed by the island,” he said.

“We wish to provide guests with accurate pricing information so are updating our marketing collateral to reflect the recent change.

“We look forward to resuming day tours to Daydream Island in the near future and helping guests experience the beautiful Whitsundays.”

This followed a blanket ban on day tours to the island from the period from December 24 to January 3.

Mr Madhok said the cancellation over the Christmas period was due to overcrowding on the island as the south end had not get been reopened following renovations.

“The resort was full so as a result we felt we needed to keep resort facilities available for in-house guests,” he said.

“We’re putting some plans in place so we don’t need to do this in the future.

“We hope to open the south end by the end of January and once we open that area it will become the day use area.”

The landing fee can be paid when purchasing a ferry ticket or arriving on the island.