Derryn Hinch launches his Justice Party
Derryn Hinch launches his Justice Party

Derryn Hinch forms party, calls for sex offender register

HE CALLS himself the human headline, now Derryn Hinch wants his name on the electoral roll.

The broadcaster has formed Derryn Hinch's Justice Party, flagging his intention to stand candidates in every state and territory.

He will personally stand for a Senate seat in Victoria.

Mr Hinch dismissed claims his party will be a single issue party focusing on his long-time fight for a register for sex offenders.

That would form part of the party's agenda, he said, but it would also stand for "justice and equality is so many areas of our lives".

"There's our petition, bail reform and justice in sentencing, but also the courts have to start taking the epidemic of domestic violence more seriously," he said.

"Also when you talk about equal rights it must mean equal rights for all Australians. So that all people can live and marry and work like everybody else -- plus equal pay and equal reward -- whatever their colour, creed or sexuality."

"Our slogan is: It's just common sense. So call us the common sense party."

"I've been campaigning on some of these issues for more than 30 years. I've been jailed, fined, done community service, served time in solitary confinement and months under house arrest. And been sacked for it."

Mr hinch has copped criminal convictions in 1987, 2011 and 2014 -- each for breaching suppression orders designed to stop the public knowing the names or criminal histories of offenders.