Diamonds make it 21 in succession and now face Kiwis

AUSTRALIA made it 21 wins in succession with an 83-16 victory against Barbados on day 2 of the Netball World Cup in Sydney.

Allora goalkeeper and Australian Diamonds captain Laura Geitz played the first three quarters when Australia conceded three, four and four goals.

She was rested in the final quarter when Australia conceded five goals.

Geitz had three rebounds, three intercepts and two deflections on a day when the defenders had less to do due to the dominance of the Australians.

She will now lead the Australians in today's 2.20pm (Sundauy) game against New Zealand.

Australia had a 68-point win over Barbados yesterday and New Zealand beat the same team by 45 on day 1 but games between the cross Tasman rivals are always close.