Pizza Hut Restaraunt, Brisbane Road, Gympie. May 30, 2016.
Pizza Hut Restaraunt, Brisbane Road, Gympie. May 30, 2016. Patrick Woods

Dine-in Pizza Huts could return across Australia says CEO

GOOD news for pizza lovers, dine-in Pizza Hut could be coming back, likely to be resurrected from the remains of Eagle Boys.

With the takeover of 53 Eagle Boys across the nation by Pizza Hut, the door has been opened for the days of all-you-can-eat pizza and bottomless soft drinks to return to our region.

Two Eagle Boys stores on Queensland's Sunshine Coast are set to become Pizza Hut outlets as part of the takeover, Pizza Hut Australia chief operating officer Chris Leslie confirmed.

He said if the franchisees and the company were able to make it viable, Mr Leslie said the door was open for a family favourite of the 80s and 90s to return.

Mr Leslie said the amount of "noise" on social media excited at the prospect of dine-in returning meant they couldn't ignore the opportunity.

"We believe there's a market for that," he said.

They were doing due diligence on a number of locations and the viability of dine-in.

As for the takeover in general, two Eagle Boys stores in Australia have so far been rolled over to Pizza Hut.

Mr Leslie said the takeover had been a great opportunity for Pizza Hut to expand into areas it currently didn't service and he said their focus was now turning to innovation to help improve online ordering and other technologies.

The takeover gives Pizza Hut more than 320 sites nationally and Mr Leslie said it would give them about 25% market share.

Market research firm IBISWorld estimated the takeover would give Pizza Hut about 13% market share.

In its July, 2016 report, Pizza Restaurants and Takeaway in Australia, IBISWorld found the industry generated $3.7 billion in revenue between just more than 4000 businesses.