AMBO SPITTER: Shane Rayer left an Ipswich court with a nine month jail term hanging over his head.
AMBO SPITTER: Shane Rayer left an Ipswich court with a nine month jail term hanging over his head. Ross Irby

'Disgusting': Drunk spat in cop's mouth, ambo's face

A MAN has a jail term hanging over his head after spitting on an ambulance paramedic and a police officer after he'd been drinking at a suburban Ipswich hotel with mates.

Shane Rayer spat into the mouth of a police officer, then on to the face of an ambulance paramedic who were trying to help him Ipswich District Court heard.

Rayner continued spitting, a judge labelling his acts "disgusting".

Shane Bill Rayer, 20, pleaded guilty to two charges of serious assault with circumstances of aggravation on September 15 last year. And to causing public nuisance; and four charges of assault/obstructing police.

In facts put by Crown prosecutor Cameron Wilkins, police were called at 1am to Falvey's Grand Hotel in Yamanto with reports of a disturbance.

A large group of people were seen leaving the hotel premises and walking down the road.

Rayer was in the group of stragglers when he yelled out to police: "You're f---ing tough, aren't you, with your f---ing police dog, c---."

Rayer began to wrestle when an officer attempted to arrest him. He further resisted arrest when a second officer tried to help in his arrest.

Handcuffed, he was walked to the police van but then kicked out, hitting a policewoman in her upper body as she attempted to put him into the back of the van.

Rayer, then aged 19, continued refusing to comply with police directions and pepper spray was used on him.

When an officer tried to close the van door, Rayer again kicked out, striking him in the upper body.

Rayer was driven to Ipswich watch-house and then to Ipswich Hospital.

At the hospital, he argued with a police officer and ambulance officers, then "spat directly into the face of the police officer, resulting in saliva going into his mouth".

He spat into the face of an ambulance officer and continued to spit on officers while yelling abuse at them.

"How disgusting and utterly wrong it was to do that?" Judge Orazio Rinaudo said.

Judge Rinaudo noted that Rayer's defence counsel Scott Neaves told the court his client understood such offending was unacceptable.

He took into account Rayer spent 68 days held in custody before getting bail, saying penalties for such offences had a jail term as the starting point.

He said a 14-year jail term was the maximum penalty available.

Judge Rinaudo said Rayer consumed 20 drinks that night and had taken Zanox tablets.

He sentenced Rayer to nine months' jail, suspended for 18 months; and to a supervised probation order of 18 months.