Senator Fraser Anning.
Senator Fraser Anning. Molly Hancock

Divisive party runs candidate in Dawson

A SURPRISE candidate is second on the Dawson ballot paper.

Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party has put forward contender for the tightly contested seat.

Despite Michael Wayne Turner appearing on the ballot, few of his political rivals have heard anything about him.

As the Dawson candidates waited at the ballot draw today, many said they had not heard anything about the candidate from the controversial new party.

Labor candidate Belinda Hassan said it was a "surprise" to see his name as she had not seen any advertising from Mr Turner.

She said she was not aware if he was present at the candidate ballot draw.

Brendan Bunyan from Katter's Australian Party said he heard about the Fraser Anning's Party senate candidates, but nothing about Mr Turner.

He said "I knew they were trying to run a lot of house candidates, but I didn't know they were running in Dawson."