DOGGED ISSUE: Troy Dare and Sunny are happy with the dog beach access rules the way they are.
DOGGED ISSUE: Troy Dare and Sunny are happy with the dog beach access rules the way they are. Peter Gardiner

Dogs on beach - on leash - anywhere?

A NOOSA Year 11 student and volunteer lifesaver is lobbying council to give residents the right to walk their dogs anywhere on the beach as long as they are on a leash and under control.

Jonty Redwood has spent the year gathering more than 1000 signatures to relax dog walking regulations along the on the Sunshine to Sunrise Beach stretch.

He said these people agree with his push to allow dogs to be walked on a leash, under control "in the same fashion as walking our dogs in the street".

Dogs are allowed on a leash from Peregian to south Peregian beach and off-leash from Marcus to Sunrise Beach and Sunshine Beach north as well as Noosa Spit.

"Dogs are allowed on Hasting St, in restaurants, cafes, places where people are eating, you can even take them to Bunnings so why are we discriminated for walking our dogs along our beach?" he said.

"The (Noosa Council) action that we can't share our beaches with our furry companions is a ridiculous rule to many.

Jonty said dogs are allowed to walk with leads on most Gold Coast beaches which is a much more populated.

Should dogs be allowed on any beach while on a leash?

This poll ended on 27 September 2017.

Current Results

Yes, it will reduce barriers for pet owners.


No, there's a reason they're not allowed on parts of the beach.


I suspect a few irresponsible owners would ruin it for everyone else.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"It will in a small way decrease the amount of carbon emissions from cars and increase active exercise within the community, fitting Noosa's environmental ethos

"There are many people in our community who would appreciate at least a conversation be started around this issue.

"As a volunteer surf lifesaver I would certainly encourage similar laws that are in place in the Gold Coast."

Jonty is advocating no dogs be allowed to walk through the bathing reserve between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

"Dog owners should be fined if they are not following the rules, and are responsible for their dog's actions," he said.

"I see a change to this silly law is a positive step for the whole community that continues to embrace dogs and their owners as part of our total community.

Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie said he owns two dogs but believes Noosa beaches offers plenty of dog exercise options.

"The majority of beach from South Peregian to North Sunshine is open to dogs," Cr Wilkie said.

He said beach goers have the "right to not be bailed up, barked at or bitten by our furry friends, nor be confronted by uncollected dog waste, which can and does happen".

"This is one of the reasons why some minority sections of beach remain dog-free," Cr Wilkie said.

"The Gold Coast City council keeps certain sections of beach and parks dog free for similar reasons.

"You may remember that the recent local laws review involving extensive public consultation saw new off-leash exercise areas added across Noosa.

"Dogs can be walked virtually anywhere in the shire on a lead, except on some sections of beach."

Cr Wilkie said he raise Jonty's request with council staff and fellow councillors for consideration, although he believed the balance already favours dog owners.

Noosa Heads dog owner Troy Dare, who was taking Sunny for a walk at Castaways, liked the dog access areas the way they are now.

He does not mind the drive to the beach off-leash areas.

"When it gets busy you don't want to have dogs jumping all over. I like fishing and there's nothing worse than having dogs jumping all over you when you're trying to do some worming.

"I actually think they ( the restrictions) are workign the way they are now," she said.