A drink-driver crashed into his own unit on Marathon St, Proserpine, in November.
A drink-driver crashed into his own unit on Marathon St, Proserpine, in November.

Drink-driver to learn fate for crashing into Proserpine unit

A drunk driver who crashed into his own Proserpine unit while more than five times the legal limit has been told he will be sent to jail.

The length of his jail sentence will be revealed during proceedings at Bowen Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Alberto Moreira first appeared at Proserpine Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of liquor after the crash in November.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Sarah Rowe told the court police were called to a property on Marathon St after reports a vehicle had crashed into a unit.

They subsequently discovered a blue Mitsubishi at the scene that had extensive damage on its front and rear.

Sen-Constable Rowe said Moreira had driven into the driveway and crashed into the front left-hand corner of his unit, causing damage, then reversed into a power pole.


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Police found Moreira sitting outside the property, he was unbalanced and slurring his speech.

Moreira told officers he had spent the afternoon at the Prince of Wales Hotel.

The court heard paramedics treated Moreira at the scene for minor injuries and he was taken to Proserpine Hospital for monitoring.

Sen-Constable Rowe said later that night Moreira was taken to the watch-house and on the way, he urinated in the back of the police car and was still "grossly intoxicated".

He was found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.252 per cent.

Lawyer Peta Vernon, acting for Moreira, said he was born in Uruguay but had been in Australia for decades.

Ms Vernon told the court Moreira had been through a divorce and had been diagnosed with mental health challenges.

Ms Vernon said difficulties with his children led him to start medicating himself with alcohol.

The 65-year-old man had previously been working in cleaning and maintenance, but lost his job because of COVID-19.

A drink driver crashed into his own Proserpine unit. Photo: File
A drink driver crashed into his own Proserpine unit. Photo: File

Ms Vernon said Moreira understood the behaviour was "complete stupidity".

"He is extremely remorseful for his actions and obviously appreciative nobody was hurt," she said.

"He does not have any memory of the event and instructs he woke up in Proserpine Hospital the next day."

Ms Vernon noted Moreira had history that needed to be taken into account and a jail term was in range.

Magistrate James Morton remanded Moreira in custody and he will appear before Bowen Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning to learn his sentence.

"I am going to be very clear, I am going to send you to jail," Mr Morton said.

"This is serious.

"You put everybody's life at risk."