Brisbane Supreme District Court
Brisbane Supreme District Court Rae Wilson

Drug addict gets more jail time

A LONG-time drug addict with a career in crime added another three years' jail to her 11 pages of criminal history when she tried to find a garage to shoot heroin in.

Anna Joy Patterson broke into a Clayfield property, in Brisbane's north, to inject herself and steal a dress and shirt worth $150 on December.

It was just two weeks after the 36-year-old was released on immediate parole for another sentence and four months after she stole $7820 jewellery from a Wooloowin unit, also in Brisbane's north, and left a cigarette with her DNA at the crime scene.

Patterson - who became a drug addict at age 16 when she was hanging out with older boys - was sentenced for both break-ins when she faced Brisbane District Court on Monday.

She has previously been before a Maroochydore court for shooting up at Alexandra Headland - it was the eighth time she had failed to properly dispose of a syringe.

The court heard then she had a history of prostitution, stealing, fraud and property offences next to a long list of drug crimes.

Crown legal officer Stephanie Cunin told the Brisbane court Patterson had been on a suspended sentence, parole and probation when she committed the latest offences.

She said Patterson had a long history of drug and property offences spanning two decades.

Judge Michael Shanahan, who activated a suspended sentences, said Patterson's full time release date would be in February, 2015, but she would be eligible to apply for parole after she has served another nine months.

Defence barrister Joshua Jones said his client had struggled with her addiction, which had "ravaged her life" since she was in school.