Drug addict released on bail

A GYMPIE drug addict allegedly involved in a home invasion will be released on bail to live with her mum.

Racheal Skye Black, 28, is charged with breaking into a home, assault and holding someone against their will during the home invasion.

She was also before Brisbane Supreme Court on stealing and drug-related charges.

Lawyer Simone Healy told the court on Thursday Ms Black had tried to get into a rehabilitation facility but being behind bars had made that difficult.

She said Ms Black hoped to have better access to help if she was released on bail but argued her client still had a strong support network to help her stay off drugs if she could not get into a facility.

Ms Healy said Ms Black could live with her mother and had ties to the community that reduced her flight risk.

She said her client would surrender her passport, agree not to go near international departure points and abide by a curfew.

Justice David Jackson noted Ms Black had once failed to appear in court and had breached several community-based orders in the past.

"The applicant has a relatively long criminal history associated with her habit or lifestyle of drug addiction and also has mental health issues that has been identified as stemming from bipolar ... of which she has been recently diagnosed," he said.

"The offences ... are relatively serious and coupled with (Black's) prior history and her continued habit of drug abuse, and the lifestyle that goes with it, give rise to what must be considered a real risk of re-offending."

But Justice Jackson found the risk of Ms Black failing to appear at court or re-offending could be reduced with the bail conditions her lawyer suggested, including a curfew and passport surrender. - ARM NEWSDESK