Hilary Duff confronted a photographer taking photos of her kids.
Hilary Duff confronted a photographer taking photos of her kids.

Duff confronts ‘creep’ taking pics of kids

Protective mum Hilary Duff took it upon herself Saturday morning to approach a photographer taking photos of several children - including her own - while they played football together.

The former Disney star, 32, recorded the uncomfortable exchange on Instagram, sharing the clip alongside caption, "Paparazzi shooting KIDS Go 'practice' your photography on ADULTS! Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!"

The mobile phone footage shows Duff approaching the photog, asking if he knew anyone on the field. After responding that he didn't, the actress asked him to stop taking pictures of the kids, to which he replied: "It's legal".

The photographer in LA.
The photographer in LA.

When Duff tells him that photographing her children makes her uncomfortable, he offers to show her his ID, which wasn't good enough for the concerned mother of two.

"I'm asking you human-to-human, as a mother, if you don't know anyone here, would you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football."

The lensman continued to persist, saying he was simply "practising his photography" and that Duff's paranoia was "unwarranted".

"So I'll just post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram," she retorted, "and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you choose to do on a Saturday morning".

The man then accused Duff of making the situation "creepy" before putting his hand over her camera lens, ending the video.

Actress Busy Phillips backed up Duff in the comment section, calling the interaction "infuriating".

"This isn't about his job or his 'rights,'" Phillips wrote.

"This is about his OWN perceived POWER over others. I imagine it's the only time this pathetic person feels any power in his life. I know it's illegal for an adult not with a child to be inside a playground - how is taking pictures of children without parental consent legal?!??"

Duff is mother to 7-year-old son Luca and 1-year-old daughter Banks.

This article originally appeared on The New York Post and was reproduced with permission

Hilary Duff.
Hilary Duff.