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Elderly woman struck with stick in neighbourhood dispute

A NEIGHBOURHOOD dispute has spilled into the courtroom of Gatton, after a confrontation over a dog led to an elderly woman being hit with a stick.

Manolita Meilak, from Regency Downs, pleaded guilty to one charge of serious assault of a person over 60, though she claims her attack was retaliation for the woman hitting her dog.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Al Windsor outlined the details of the case.

Both Meilak and her neighbour have dogs, and it was the interaction between these two animals which is at the centre of the dispute.

"The antagonism between the two canines has become such that the defendant's dog has attempted to get through the fence, and the victim has struck the dog on the nose with a rake to dissuade it away from the fence," Sgt Windsor said.

"In response to this, the defendant has approached the victim, she has had a stick in her hand, and has struck the victim in the stomach area and shoulder."

Meilak, through her solicitor, offered a different take on events.

"She has a home business raising chickens and selling eggs. Because of this, the yard has very small wire on the fence, so there was no risk of her dog getting through," the defence stated.

"The dog is very sweet-natured, she's got her chickens and her young children, and the dog is not in any sense vicious."

It was also alleged that the victim had provoked the defendant.

"She said she's had words with the woman, and she's just laughed at her after hitting the dog, and she felt the woman had every intention to keep assaulting her dog," the defence said.

"She just reacted in the heat of the moment, and picked up the stick, and it was in trying to get this rake off the other woman the struggle has ensued."

Magistrate Kay Ryan noted Meilak's lack of a criminal history when handing down her verdict.

"Whilst one can understand, it's not the right way to resolve these types of issues, and this is the result," she said.

"Luckily no one - including the dogs - was badly injured."

Meilak was fined $300, and a conviction was not recorded.