Emergency crews rush to the scene. Source: Channel Seven.
Emergency crews rush to the scene. Source: Channel Seven.

‘It just didn’t look right’: Hot-air balloon crashes

THERE has been a serious hot-air balloon accident north east of Melbourne this morning.

A number of people are being treated by paramedics after a hot-air balloon incident near the Yarra Valley at Dixons Creek.

The Go Wild Ballooning craft came down in Bleases Lane at around 7am.

Five ambulances have been called to the scene.

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said the hot air balloon, which was carrying 16 passengers from various international and local locations, left the Glenburn area about 7am before landing heavily on a private property in Dixons Creek.

"Seven people were taken to hospital with minor injuries," she added.

"The exact cause of the crash is yet to be determined and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau will be investigating."



There are reports of the hot air balloon stalling at 500 metres before coming down hard and multiple people being ejected from the aircraft.

Images from the scene show passengers lying on the ground being treated by emergency crews.

A SES spokesman said the hot air balloon was involved in some type of incident.

"There are quite a few injured individuals," he said.

"We have volunteers from the Healesville Unit on the scene assisting other emergency services."

Witness Dean Fuhrmann told The Australian he was driving in the area and saw the incident unfolding in the air.

"I saw two balloons, one of them looked in trouble," he told the newspaper. "It looked like it was getting blown quite a lot. The basket was hanging, tilted a bit, and it was a bit gusty. Then two cop cars went past quickly, heading out. It just didn't look right."

Another witness told 3AW they saw the basket on its side.

"It's a huge open field ... the recovery vehicles were there," he said.

"I saw the basket was on its side."