HAVE A CHAT: Sgt Jason Colley with coffee in hand .
HAVE A CHAT: Sgt Jason Colley with coffee in hand . Peter Carruthers

Enjoy a coffee with cops

PEOPLE might not realise, but even the smallest snippet of information can sometimes be enough to help local police close a case or move an investigation forward.

Shift supervisor at the Whitsunday Police Station, Sergeant Jason Colley, said it was important police and the community established good relationships based on trust and communication.

He said a morning tea and coffee event was being held this month to encourage members of the community to come along and have a chat.

'Coffee with Cops', Sgt Colley said, would help break down any barriers and give people a chance to talk to police about any issues in the community.

"It's an event we've created to build relationships with the community so we can encourage them to approach us in a social situation, otherwise we only speak to them when they're in a bad situation or a bad set of circumstances,” Sgt Colley explained.

Sgt Colley, who works with 34 other officers at the station, said it was crucial that the community knew they could seek help from police rather than "being too scared to report things”.

"The more that information is reported, and the more we know about local issues, the better we can identify what the local issues are,” he said.

Sgt Colley said people could come along and discuss or ask for explanations of any local issues or topics, including the new ID scanning system.

"In a small community we rely on everyone getting along together and having trust with their local police, and knowing that police will take them seriously. Even the smallest bit of information can often be something that helps us out,” he said.

Sgt Colley said the most serious issues in the area were domestic violence, alcohol-fuelled violence on weekends, and drugs in the community.

The Coffee Club will provide free coffee from 9am-11am on Wednesday, August 16, on the grass at the front of the police station on Altmann Avenue.