Woman killed in Bali ferry explosion

UPDATE: A GERMAN woman was killed in an explosion on a ferry going from East Bali this morning. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says its information suggests no Australians were injured. 

"Indonesian authorities have advised the Australian Consulate-General in Bali that their records do not suggest that any Australians were involved in today's incident on board a fast boat travelling from East Bali to the Gili Islands," a DFAT spokesman said.  

"We are seeking to confirm this."

EARLIER: AN explosion on board a fast ferry going from East Bali to the Gilli Islands has left two people dead and 14 injured.

The blast happened about 9.30am (local time) and happened on the  Gili Cat fast boat about 200 metres from Padang Bai Harbour.

Local sources say the boast was carrying 35 passengers, mostly foreigners.  

News Corp reports an Indonesian and a Dutch national were killed in the blast and that Australian, Korean, British, French, and German tourists were on board the boat.

However ABC's Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey has tweeted the passenger manifest states people from the UK, France, Italy and Portugal were on board. 

While details are sketchy some media are saying the cause may have been caused by a ruptured fuel tank. 

More to follow.