Fans think 'Princess Charlotte' has arrived by fake tweet

AFTER news broke over the weekend that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be announcing their birth via Twitter, some joker decided to make the most of it.

On Tuesday night, a fake tweet from Kensington Palace announcing the birth of new baby "Princess Charlotte" conned fans into thinking the wait was over.

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Despite no news having been announced of the Duchess of Cambridge going into labour, news organisations and well-wishers alike leapt upon the news.

One news source even elaborated, saying: "Four days overdue with her second child, the Duchess of Cambridge was induced but fortunately the delivery was without complications."

So far, there has been no news from the real Twitter account, and the Duchess was photographed on Tuesday afternoon driving from Buckingham Palace.

However, duped Royal fans nevertheless took to Twitter to wish the couple well.

No such luck on the birth front yet, but it's expected any day now.