ISRAEL Folau's GoFundMe appeal which asked his supporters to help him raise $3 million to pay for legal fees, was shut down after raising $759,000.

The former Wallabies star was sacked by Rugby Australia earlier this year for a social media post in which he suggested drunks, homosexuals and atheists would go to hell.

Last week Mr Folau launched a controversial GoFundMe campaign asking the public to "join his journey" and donate $3 million to aid him in an upcoming employment termination case.

Mr Folau's crowd funding drew an immense amount of criticism.

Australian rugby star Israel Folau.
Australian rugby star Israel Folau. Nev Madsen

Critics found it unsavoury a man with a $7 million property portfolio who amassed more than $10 million in salary payments alone during his career in the NRL, AFL and rugby would benefit from a public campaign to fund a personal legal defence.

$760,000 had been donated to the campaign before fundraising platform GoFundMe shut down the campaign today due to a breach of the site's terms and conditions.

Many people were stunned with the plea for cash, saying there were many more worthy causes to which people could donate.

While we can't tell you how to spend your money, we've compiled five local GoFundMe campaigns we think are deserving of donations.

1. Support for Dennis and Sarah Rozekrans

$7193 of $9000 goal


To help the Rozekrans family search 'Support for Dennis and Sarah Rozekrans'
To help the Rozekrans family search 'Support for Dennis and Sarah Rozekrans' GoFundMe

The Rozekrans family just seem to keep drawing the short straw. In 2017 after Dennis Rozekrans underwent heart surgery, the family began looking forward to life with their then newborn Helena.

But Mr Rozekrans was struck down with debilitating back pain that affected all aspects of his day to day life. Requiring corrective surgery, Mr Rozekrans has been unable to walk properly and unaided since March 2018.

Then things got worse when they found a lump in Mr Rozekrans neck and he was diagnosed with stage 1 Hodgkin's lymphoma. The fundraiser is asking for money to support travel for chemotherapy treatment, travel to Brisbane for back surgery as well as support for the family as Mr Rozekrans has been unable to work and the family has been forced to pay for care for Helena.

2. Seizure dog for Gracie

$3810 of $20,000 goal


To support Gracie search 'Seizure dog for Gracie'
To support Gracie search 'Seizure dog for Gracie' GoFundMe

Gracie did not have an easy start to life. From early on her parents noticed developmental delays and after multiple testing, bloods, MRIs under GA, x-rays and specialist appointments, they still don't have an answer.

Last year Gracie started having cluster seizures in which she would stop breaking and turn blue. In an effort to control the seizures, she has started a new trial medication- her fifth medication change.

Recently a neurologist said she may have a rare and genetic seizure disorder that impacted about 600 people in the world, CDKL5, but the family was waiting for genetic confirmation of this.

Her uncontrolled seizures could be detected by a seizure dog. It would help the family, particularly at night so they can intervene.

Seizure dogs are $30,000 to train and $20,000 needs to be donated to be eligible to buy one for Gracie.

3. Get Grant to Indoor Cricket Masters World Series

$2130 of $5000 goal


To support Grant search 'Get Grant to Indoor Cricket Masters World Series'
To support Grant search 'Get Grant to Indoor Cricket Masters World Series' GoFundMe

It has been a lifelong dream for Grant Trone to represent his country in a sport he is passionate about and he has a chance.

After recently representing Queensland in the 2019 Australia Masters Championships for Indoor Cricket, Mr Trone was selected to represent Australia at the Indoor Cricket Masters World Series in South Africa in October 2019.

Mr Trone has played cricket since he was four and has passed down his passion to his kids. In order for Grant to fulfil his dream funds are being raised to help get him to South Africa.

4. Support Pauline

$7832 of $10,000 goal


To donate search 'Support Pauline'
To donate search 'Support Pauline' GoFundMe

The Carlisle Adventist Christian College community is a family and when teacher Pauline Tyler was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, students and teachers alike rallied around their beloved teacher aide as only a tightknit family can.

A fundraiser was set up to help her and her husband with the mounting costs of medical treatments, needed plane flights for treatment, school fees and day to day expenses.

5. Kristy-lee's second Lung Transplant

$7310 of $10,000 goal


To support Kristy search 'Kristy-lee's 2nd Lung Transplant'.
To support Kristy search 'Kristy-lee's 2nd Lung Transplant'. GoFundMe

Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Kristy-lee was not supposed to live past five years old but doctors have been bewildered by her stubborn will to live.

Having suffered immeasurably throughout her 36 years of life, she has managed to sustain a 12-year marriage and fostering children while being a constant rock for her friends and family.

Kristy-lee had a double lung transplant in 2013 because her lungs were dying but went into rejection in 2018. She became so sick doctors decided there was nothing they could do for her, and they diagnosed her as palliative.

But nobody could accept this, especially Kristy who set her mind on getting back on the transplant list.

"My family is in great need of financial help. It has taken a long time to get the courage up to ask our family, friends, and other community members to help us. But in times of life and death, and when one of the people that you love the most in the whole world is knocking on heavens door, you have to let go of pride," fundraiser Tania Townes-Tass said.