Flippered friends make a big splash in Whitsunday waters

NEAR total glass-out conditions on the water early in the week provided the perfect conditions for boaties, anglers and reef trippers to spot a multitude of flippered friends in the Whitsundays.

One of the many vessels to report humpback whale sightings was the Reef Star vessel en route to the Heart Pontoon at Hardy Reef.

Bryony Venter from Reef Safari Diving and Photography said passengers and crew were blown away by the combination of mirrored water and whale and dolphin sightings.

"Whales have been spotted on the journey to and from Cruise Whitsundays' Heart Pontoon since Monday this week," she said. "Staff and guests have all been in awe at the amazing conditions out there this week.

"It really is the best time to get out and enjoy what we have around us.

"Yesterday (Tuesday) we had dolphins chasing the boat and whales playing in the calm, crystal waters."

Ms Venter said whales would be a daily sighting from now until September and although the company could not guarantee passengers a sighting, you would have to be unlucky to not have a close encounter with one of Australia's favourite marine mammals in the Whitsundays.

Visitors to the reef have been in awe of glass-out days this week.
Visitors to the reef have been in awe of glass-out conditions this week. Reef Star Photography

Late last week, Whitsunday Paradise Explored posted to Facebook an amazing video of whales frolicking and Providence Sailing also detailed good sightings through its social media channels.