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Four killed as plane crashes into Moscow motorway

FOUR crew have been killed after a Russian airliner crashed into a motorway and broke up into three pieces after overshooting the runway at an international Moscow airport.

The plane's impact with the highway embankment sent the severed nose sliding over the icy road while the rest of the jet rested just past the airport's fence - its tail linked to the fuselage by only a tangle of wreckage.

The Russian-made Tu-204 jet was empty of passengers and carrying just its eight crew on a return trip from the Czech Republic.

The plane, from the Red Wings airlines, caught fire after crashing through the perimeter fence of Vnukovo airport in the west of the city.

Russian state television showed live footage of rescuers climbing into the wreck with search lights as night fell over Moscow, with the plane still blocking traffic on the busy Kiev Highway.

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