WINTER WARMERS: With the cold nights recently, Bruce the dog was happy to stay close by the fire in Proserpine to keep warm.
WINTER WARMERS: With the cold nights recently, Bruce the dog was happy to stay close by the fire in Proserpine to keep warm. Cassie Jewson

FROSTY: Mercury plummets to single digits

IF YOU struggled to untangle yourself from the warmth and comfort of your toasty bed this morning, you probably weren't alone.

It's the second time the mercury has plummeted to single digits in Proserpine this month, with residents experiencing temperatures of just 1.1 degrees Celsius.

It's the coldest morning of the year for Proserpine, and also for neighbouring Mackay at 3.8 degrees Celsius.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Kimber Wong said while temperatures this low were not unheard of, it was still "unusual” for the region, with the average minimum temperatures hovering about 11.5 degrees Celsius.

"When it drops to below four degrees, you can see areas of frost develop,” Ms Wong said.

The coldest temperature in Queensland overnight was in Cleremont, at -1.5 degrees at 6.30am this morning.

Not to be outdone, Proserpine made the top 10 coldest places in the state.

1. Claremont: -1.5 degrees Celsius

2. Thangool: -1.1 degrees Celsius

3. Blackall: 0.1 degrees Celsius

4. Hughenden: 0.1 degrees Celsius

5. Oakey: 0.2 degrees Celsius

6. Applethorpe: 0.3 degrees Celsius

7. Williamson RAF base: 0.6 degrees Celsius

8. Stanthorpe: 0.7 degrees Celsius

9. Lochington: 0.9 degrees Celsius

10. Proserpine: 1.1 degrees Celsius

In stark contrast, Ms Wong said Hamilton Island was a balmy 16 degrees Celsius this morning.

"Normally there is a little bit of moisture in the air, particularly around coastal areas, which keeps things a bit warmer at night.”

While residents might think it could almost be cold enough to snow, Ms Wong said that would be highly unlikely, and said there wasn't data to indicate that snow had ever fallen in the region.

She warned people to brace themselves for another few chilly mornings in the single digits, before it begins to warm up later in the week,

On August 21 last year, the mercury dipped even further, with 0.9 degrees Celsius at Proserpine Airport.

The coldest morning on record in Proserpine was on July 20, 2004 when residents shivered through -0.9 degrees Celisus overnight.

So what does the coldest morning on record ever for Queensland look like?

The Hermitage in the Darling Downs got to an icy -10.6 degrees in 1965.

Four years earlier, the same temperature was recorded in Stanthorpe on June 23, 1961.