Children search for their artwork on display on at 5th Lane.
Children search for their artwork on display on at 5th Lane. Angela Seng

GALLERY: Children show off their vibrant laneway art

AN injection of colour into the CBD will hopefully foster cultural tourism and bring more foot traffic through Mackay.

Children who took part in an art project with the aim of beautifying the city centre were invited to see their work on display in 5th Lane this past week.

The young artists gathered in the laneway to view tiles they had stamped and painted on display in what is quickly becoming a vibrant street art display sandwiched between Wood and Gregory Streets, in Mackay's city centre.

It was the final day of school holidays and the sun was shining, making it a perfect day to inspect all of the artwork, which will be officially launched to the public later this month.

Mackay Laneways Project manager and artist Jodie Connolly lead the children on a guided tour of the laneway, giving a bit of background to each mural.

"Seeing their reactions to the art in 5th Lane was really interesting, they were so curious about it and had lots of questions,” Ms Connolly said.

"We've held street art workshops over the past few months where we taught kids some of the techniques the artists have used in the laneway.

"This project is going to foster cultural tourism within the city centre. It's going to inject colour and vibrancy into a part of Mackay that really needs it.”

xxxxxx with Mackay mayor Greg Williamson.
Mackay Laneways Project manager and artist Jodie Connelly with Mackay mayor Greg Williamson. Angela Seng

Mackay mayor Greg Williamson was on hand and his excitement for the project was infectious.

"This is just the sort of project Mackay needs, it will bring foot traffic right into the middle of the city,” Cr Williamson said.

"Just picture the pavement here levelled and businesses opening up their doors into the laneway and extending outwards.”

"It's exciting and I'm glad to see it all coming together.”

The children really enjoyed it all too, with some directing their parents to take photos of them posing with the street art and others searching for their tiles on the designated wall.

The official launch of the 5th Lane Street Art project will be Saturday, July 27 from 6-9pm at Fifth Lane in the CBD. The event is free for all. Don't forget to charge your phone and bring a smile.