GALLERY: Show goes on at St Catherine’s

THERE may not have been rollercoasters or bumper cars, but the St Catherine's Catholic College No-Show Show Day was a roaring success among staff and students.

In light of the Show Whitsunday cancellation, students from Prep to Year 6 at St Catherine's had a chance to experience all the best parts of the show in their own school hall.

Students tried their luck at all the classic show games including the coin toss and bowling over stacked cups.

Aspiring chefs also showed off their skills with baking and cake decorating while pint-sized gardeners displayed some of their home-grown produce.



Among students who's culinary prowess was on show was Year 2 student Gracie Laguna who made a cake she said only took her five minutes.

"I like doing the baking and making and putting everything on the cake," she said.

Grace said the show was "very fun" and her favourite game was the hula hoop competition.

St Catherine's Catholic College principal Luke Thomson said it was great to see the students embrace the show.

"For our community especially, COVID-19 and restrictions prevented us from doing the community activities we pride ourselves on," he said.

"This has been a nice opportunity to do something."

No show would be complete without show bags, which the students received at the end of the day, and a lunch of dagwood dogs and fairy floss.