GALLERY: Whitsunday sports on show at expo

MORE than 500 people ran, jumped, swung and threw their way through the Whitsunday Sports Expo today to get a taste of the wide world of sport in the region.

The expo took place at the PCYC where 28 clubs from across the Whitsundays demonstrated what made their club unique.

With everything from bowls to basketball to blow karting, prospective athletes were spoiled for choice.

Whitsunday Sportspark chairman Justin Butler said the event was a great success and gave both new residents and returning players a taste of sport in the Whitsundays.

"We had some feedback from people that when it got to the middle of the year and they went 'oh we would have played a sport but it's halfway through the season and we didn't know at the start'," he said.

"If we do something in February, they'll know what sports are available then.

"It's all about giving people a central place to know what's available in the Whitsundays, when it's on and what it costs."



Geoff Philip was there representing Southern Pacific taekwondo and said they received a lot of interest in their club and hoped people would come along to their training sessions to give it a try.

Mr Philip said taekwondo was a great sport for kids as it taught them skills they could carry into their adult years.

"There's five tenets; courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit," he said.

"The way I see it is if kids can abide by those five principles, they can have a good start in life."

Mr Butler also said that sport played a valuable part in children's development on top of getting them off the couch and away from screens.

"It teaches (kids that) things don't always go your way," he said.

"You wanted to get picked in this position but you got put in another position or you really wanted to win in the grand final but you didn't.

"It teaches them a little bit of resilience and how life works and therefore makes them more resilient adults."