The joys of technology also has plenty of downsides for the next generation.
The joys of technology also has plenty of downsides for the next generation.

Generation Z:The era of technology

I have vivid memories of when I was a young girl, spending my days outside adventuring until the sun went down and when you still had dial up the internet. My family had a bulky PC with Windows 94 in our study, that my older sister and I only played computer games on.

When I was about 12 we got broadband, which I thought was the bee's knees. I began using MSN, and myspace which was my first taste of the internet.

At present date, I am guilty of using social media and the internet. Where my own daily intake in front of a screen is probably 8 to 10 hours per day.

On Facebook I am bombarded with people, flaunting their own lifestyles. With someone always on holiday, in a new relationship or always posting when something wonderful is going on in their lives for everyone to see.

I think that is one of the biggest issues with social media, which most have heard about- that it is a façade. Children and young teens are looking at websites and seeing people who have 'perfect' lives.

To entrepreneurs and models on Instagram, to seeing people around the world, vloggers actively showing their lives on Youtube, of course social media undeniably has its benefits.

I just moved out of home and 7 hours away from family and friends and the benefit of being able to see them on facetime or messaging them instantly is great.

But life isn't instant. I enjoy growing up blessed in Australia, where I have always been told that the sky is the limit. But, access to an unlimited amount of information makes me compare myself to others creating this feeling of- am I doing enough? Am I enough?

Also, what comes to mind when I think of my teenage years, is insecurity.

Through the endless streams of mediums, I compared myself to nearly every single person and their life. I always wished I had someone's this or someone's else's that, thinking changing myself would make my life ultimately better. Talking to family and friends I know I wasn't the only one in the same mindset.

This makes me think how can parents and guardians actively watch what their kids are doing on their technologies 24/7- they can't. Parents and guardians have enough to do as it is.

I know I was taught a lot of lessons from using the internet but, I believe the best lessons I have learnt was off the screen.

I can only feel for the next generation, who is ultimately being raised by the screen.