George Christensen has tonight won a fourth term to represent the electorate of Dawson.
George Christensen has tonight won a fourth term to represent the electorate of Dawson. Monique Preston

George reflects on another election triumph

PRIORITISE workers instead of green preferences.

That was the message George Christensen had for his Labor rivals after the LNP member won the Federal seat of Dawson in dominant fashion on Saturday.

Mr Christensen secured a famous victory to seal his fourth term in Canberra.

He addressed media while flanked by supporters adorned with "You can count on George" t-shirts.

"There was a lot of mud thrown around, but I think voters see that for what it is," Mr Christensen said.

"The issues that shone through were all about local jobs.

"(They) were all about coal mining, a tax of farming, all about the Bob Brown convoy coming up here, how close the Labor Party is to the Green movement now.

"The results we've seen in the seats of Dawson and Capricornia is that the Labor vote has plummeted down to barely 20 per cent.

"It is a clear result that with the primary vote slump in Dawson, it means that if you want to win in this area you need to be on the side of workers not green preferences."

As of 10pm on Sunday night, Mr Christensen had 43.12 per cent of first preferences (33,237 votes) compared to Labor's Belinda Hassan.

Ms Hassan had 20.62 per cent of first preferences (15,889 votes), a swing against the Labor Party of 12.14 per cent.

On a two-party preferred basis, Mr Christensen had 64.64 per cent of the vote, a swing to him of 11.27 per cent. 

Despite basking in his own victory, he saved a special mention for former prime minister Tony Abbott, who lost the seat of Warringah.

"I'm very sad to see him go, I think the speech he just gave was extremely gracious and showed he had so much more to offer the nation, Tony's a mate, always will be and I'm sad to see that result," he said.