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Gina Rodriguez wants to adopt

GINA Rodriguez plans to adopt because she wants a baby "so bad".

The 31-year-old actress admits working with the infant twins who play her on-screen son Mateo on 'Jane the Virgin' has made her very broody but she isn't keen on the "whole process" of pregnancy.

She said: "I feel like, they bring the baby up to me and my ovaries are like 'Ahhh, come here baby'.

"I want one so bad, I do. But I don't want the whole process, I just want one to arrive. Like the stork conversation.

"I could adopt, yeah I could just do it. I definitely want to adopt."

However, Gina admitted she might not have a totally realistic idea of parenting thanks to her experiences on the show.

She told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: "As soon as one cries, they take it away from me and the other one comes in.

"That's what happens in real life, right?"

The actress also admitted fans of the show seem to get her confused with her alter ego as when she meets them in real life, they mostly want to know if she is a virgin.

As an answer, she quipped: "I'm 31. That's it."