LAID BACK: The Thundamentals are set to touch down in Airlie next week for a gig at Magnums, on Saturday April 7.
LAID BACK: The Thundamentals are set to touch down in Airlie next week for a gig at Magnums, on Saturday April 7. CONTRIBUTED

Girls, gigs and pre-show nips

THUNDAMENTAL'S Jeswon (Jesse Ferris) took time out of the band's back to back schedule to talk all things touring, love and life related.

Currently mid-way through their Decade of the Thundercat regional tour, the dudes can't wait to get to engaged crowds of Airlie Beach.

Jeswon said there were two ways to deal with a demanding tour schedule "the sensible way; with no drinking or carrying-on after gigs, but the reality is quite different,” he said.

"We pace ourselves, but let our hair down when we have a bit of a break.”

Limited time between gigs for the dudes from the Blue Mountains, means they take every opportunity to head home for down time.

"We often head back home the day after, where we have other responsibilities and things we find important like girlfriends and family; touring is super demanding,” Jeswon said.

With five days between their upcoming gig in Airlie Beach and Newcastle; you might bump into the boys down at Cedar Creek, if it's flowing.

"We'll definitely be having a bit of fun in Airlie.

"We're waterbabies, so we try and find a cool spot to swim wherever we go. It's become a bit of a thing.”

The question on everyone's lips, who is Sally; that can't dance?

"Sally was based on a friend of Tuka's, who couldn't dance to save her life, the beauty of it was she danced anyway and that in itself was beautiful.”

Supporting the band on their tour are friends B Wise and Adrian Eagle.

"They're incredibly talented so we encourage fans to get to the gigs early and enjoy their stuff.”

"We love Airlie and have been on a few trips there, the vibe of everyone in the crowd is always incredible; people know how to have a good time in Airlie.”

Remaining tight-lipped on details about new stuff from the band, Jeswonhinted at some new stuff.

"There are so many songs as it is, but a few new pieces might slide into the sets.

As for bad blood, well there is none between Thundamentals members past and present.

"We're like family and have know each other forever; there's nothing but love between us, they've gone onto explore other avenues outside of music.

"The music industry is tough; often you don't know where your next pay slip is coming from, we are so thankful to be doing it for as long as we have.

With success comes fame; but Jeswon has a unique approach to flying under the radar.

"I've quite a collection of bucket hats,” he said.

The dudes really started to put their feelings into the music and had their 'jump off' moment five years ago when they covered Matt Corby's Brother on Triple J.

"I remember being so nervous as no one in the Aussie hip-hop scene was really doing it,” Jeswon said.

Thunderkat Tour

WHAT: Thundercat regional tour.

WHEN: Saturday, April 7, 8pm.

WHERE: Magnums Hotel Airlie Beach.

COST: From $34.70.