Calib Alley (left) and Dean Ingra outside Gladstone Courthouse.
Calib Alley (left) and Dean Ingra outside Gladstone Courthouse. Ross Irby

Gladstone man puts green fairy down his pants

TWO Gladstone lads walked into a bottle shop, chose their alcohol and then shoved bottles of Green Fairy absinthe and Jim Beam down the front of their pants.

But their attempt to grab free booze came back to bite when they were caught and brought before Gladstone Magistrates Court.

Calib Alley, 22, pleaded guilty to stealing the 1025ml bottle of Jim Beam on June 2 at Dan Murphy's.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said a security guard stopped him at the exit. Alley then pulled the bottle from his pants and left the store.

Because the bottle was returned in a saleable state the store did not seek restitution.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said while Alley did return the alcohol he accepted the charge.

Magistrate Melanie Ho, noting prior offences, said she was concerned alcohol was an issue for him. She told Alley that when he drank he did not make wise choices.

Alley was fined $300 and a conviction was recorded.

His mate, Dean Ingra, 28, of Kin Kora, pleaded guilty to unauthorised dealing with shop goods at Dan Murphy's in Clinton on June 2.

Mr Reece said Ingra took a 750ml bottle of Green Fairy absinthe in an incident where four men walked into the bottle shop at 2pm.

The absinthe bottle was put down the front of his pants and Ingra left without paying.

When spoken to by police, Mr Reece said Ingra admitted stealing the alcohol.

Ms Ho said Ingra had an extensive criminal history although there had been no offending in the past three years.

Ingra was fined $300 and ordered to pay restitution; the conviction recorded.