Drifter Endless Summer Ale from Fortitude Brewing Company.
Drifter Endless Summer Ale from Fortitude Brewing Company.

Gold Coast mates' brewing venture is bearing fruit

I am sure there would be many readers of this column who have been on Earth long enough to remember a film called Endless Summer. For those in need of a prompt, or indeed for those who have never heard of this fine piece of cinematic history, it was made in the early 1960s and follows the adventures of two blokes who travel the world looking for the holy grail of surfing - the perfect wave.

The title comes from the concept that if you had enough money, you could repeatedly travel from the northern hemisphere to the southern, in effect creating a summer that never ends.

I was reminded of the movie last weekend, when Hugh the Neighbour and I, continuing our somewhat less travel-intensive quest for the perfect beer, sat down to enjoy a six pack of Drifter Endless Summer Ale from Fortitude Brewing Company.

You may not have yet heard that much about Fortitude Brewing - they have been around for five or so years based out of Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast hinterland. Their backstory is that two mates dreamt of starting a brewery, which they did after one of them won the quadrella at the Saturday gallops.

Drifter Endless Summer Ale (4.4% ABV) looks a bit like a wheat beer, pouring cloudy in the glass, and has really floral, fruity notes on the nose. The tasting notes suggest it has stonefruit overtones, although neither HTN nor I were able to be that specific. Was it citrus? Was it pineapple? Was it guava - didn't really matter because whatever it was, it tasted really nice. The hops do not overpower the underlying backbone of malt.

This is one you should try - local people having a crack and turning out good product. That is a story worth telling.