WHEN you see a shopper leave their bank card in an ATM, the neighbourly thing to do is to let them know.

On June 30, Kylie Anne Blades did the opposite.

She pushed the card into the NAB machine, withdrew $50 and went on a shopping spree.

The Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard yesterday that the 35-year-old woman visited several Grand Central shops to spend her ill-gotten gains.

Police prosecutor Natalie Budgen said Blades also used the card to buy a $99 mobile phone from Woolworths, a $49 pack of smokes from the Hooper Centre Free Choice Tobacconist and items worth $79 from Pennywise.

The court heard all of Blades' activities were caught on CCTV and police could clearly see her going from store to store on the day.

Police searched Blades' Toowoomba home on June 9 where they located Blades and her fraudulently-acquired mobile phone.


Ms Budgen said Blades made full admissions to the arresting police.

"(Blades) said she was at the ATM, she stuck the victim's card in the slot and the machine asked if she wanted to complete another transaction," she said

"She simply pushed the card back into the machine and withdrew $50 from the victim's account.

"(Blades) removed the card and went to Grand Central where she went on a shopping spree."

Police charged Blades with one count of stealing, six counts of fraud and one minor drug offence.

Acting in her defence, solicitor Matthew Gemmell conceded his client had a long running meth addiction, along with a history of property crime.

However, he added that she had taken steps to get clean, including seeking intake to a drug rehabilitation clinic.

He asked for a lengthy probation to help Blades beat her addiction.

"She is looking for a job and after a two year search she has found stable housing," he said.

"My client had a drug problem but she has been clean since August."

After Blades pleaded guilty, Magistrate Howard Obsorne ordered concurrent three-month jail sentences for each of the fraud and stealing charges, suspended for 12 months, along with a $100 fine for the drug matter.

Originally published as Grand Central shopping spree fuelled by stolen bankcard