Grant Denyer denies addiction, 'just knackered'

NEWLY-minted Family Feud host and former Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer -- known for his seemingly endless energy -- has told how he had to flee the morning program after becoming "totally, totally knackered".

In an on-air interview with Sunshine Coast's 92.7 MIx FM's Mark and Caroline on Tuesday morning, Mr Denyer spruiked the reboot of the classic game show while denying speculation he was ever struggling with addiction.

Mr Denyer has been dogged by rumours after his departure from the Channel 7 morning show after Woman's Day made allegations he went to a rehabilitation centre in Thailand after grappling with a $4000-a-week drug addiction.

When asked whether there was any truth to the claims, Mr Denyer said, "God, no".

He said he kept agreeing to more and more responsibilities with Channel 7, eventually burning himself out emotionally and physically.

"Before you know it, you're doing Sunrise from a different part of the country at 6am every morning," he said.

"You're doing Australia's Got Talent on your weekends. You're doing Million Dollar Minute slide show squeezed in around all of those.

"And before you know it-because I've been  too afraid to say no - I'm doing too much."

The weatherman turned game show host said he was told by doctors his organs "were running at 7%".

"They said, 'You're going to die if you keep doing this'."

The grim warning paired with the arrival of his first child with wife Cheryl made him reassess, he said.

"I was happy to live on the road and doing pretty OK, I was almost weird to be at home," he said.

"But the moment you have a child, you have this nesting instinct that starts to grow.

"If you're not servicing that, you feel like you're failing as a human being."

"You start to really question things."