CHARGE: Michael Newman attacks a pack of defenders.
CHARGE: Michael Newman attacks a pack of defenders. Rory Sheavils

Green machine fires, Magpies get burnt

RUGBY LEAGUE: The green machine, at home on Saturday, made a meal of the much fancied Mackay Magpies.

The Metropole Hotel Whitsunday Brahmans had their eyes set on keeping their unbeaten record intact when they took on the Magpies outfit, touted as "the ones to watch" in the 2016 Mine Wealth & Wellbeing A-grade Premiership season.

Going into the break with three unanswered tries (18-0), the Brahmans second half began slowly with errors leading to a poor completion rate.

The Brahmans good scramble defence was the key to keeping the Magpies scoreless until midway through the second half where they crossed for their one and only try for the game.

Coach James Webb couldn't help but praise the efforts of his team's defence.

After enjoying a week off due to a Souths forfeit, the NQ Glass Glazing under-18 Brahmans took on the 2nd placed Magpies looking to post their first win of the season.

It was an unenthusiastic start to the game for the 18s and this was evident in their lack of ball control leading to a poor completion rate.

However, they were still within reach of posting their first win leading into the half time break, only trailing 10-18.

The Brahmans looked to put points on the board early in the second half, however the mistakes continued.

Magpies scored three unanswered tries in the second half to take out the match 30-10.

The Powered by Murphy Reserve Grade Brahmans took on Magpies. The opening 10 minutes saw the Brahmans muscle up in defence causing mistakes by the Magpies attack.

The match became an arm wrestle for the next 15 minutes with neither team showing signs of cracking.

The score stayed at 6-0 for a majority of the half until Man of the Match Timmy Miller combined with Anselam Tabua to score what spectators at Les Stagg Oval described as the "the try of the year" to take the score to 10-0 close to the half time buzzer.

The Magpies relished their chances to score two quick tries and with four minutes remaining the game looked all but out of reach for the Brahmans.

In stepped half Tyler Boyd, who crossed the line for his second try of the match, leaving the Brahmans trailing by a converted try with one minute remaining.

The Brahmans had to march the full 100m in less then a minute off the Magpies kick off.

The deadly combination of Anselam Tabua and Timmy Miller broke the Magpies line early in the set.

Tabua grubbered past the fullback, pounced on by George Prior right on the buzzer. Timmy Miller calmly set up and kicked the goal successful for the Brahmans to salvage a courageous draw in front of a jubilant home crowd.