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Group calls for Noosa River 'cats', punters go nuts

NOOSA'S congestion fix in part could be going to water if Zero Emissions Noosa can stir up enough interest in a better co-ordinated river transport.

ZEN have "floated" the idea on its Facebook page for "more ferries and taxis travelling up and down our river more often" in a scaled-down version of Brisbane's popular CityCats.

The aim would be to help tourists and locals access busy Hastings St area to the Noosa Marina "with plenty of stops along the way as well as express options".

"What if they were more affordable, more of them and they ran on more regular timetables?" Zen posted on its Facebook page.

Trish Radge thought it a great idea and would be "an enjoyable way to travel" while Kylie Moses also gave this idea the thumbs up.

"Could we add two express commuter ferries to go between Tewantin and Hastings St and keep the existing tourist service?" she said. "If boat travel is cheap and a park and ride station (was) established with coordinated bus services to Tewantin, it could make a big difference to the Hastings St precinct traffic."

Douglas Barnes liked the idea, while Meg Agostino said her family had discussed this matter.

"We live in Noosaville and it's quicker for us and more enjoyable for our guests to drop them off at the ferry at the marina to go to Hastings St."

Darren Feutrell liked the idea but said the fares need to be "a hell of a lot cheaper than they are now".

Kevin Lomas posted:

"We have a free, outrage- ously scenic river 'road', which most local drivers pass most days. I wish we had someone with real vision and commitment to make this happen."

He said parking in Hastings St has been "non-existent for years".

"Let's try an integrated approach for a change and maximise the potential our beautiful river can provide for locals and tourists alike," Kevin said.