Hamish reveals Zoe’s awkward vow error


Funny man Hamish Blake has revealed Zoe Foster Blake's awkward vow mistake, as the pair celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.

The 39-year-old took to Instagram to celebrate the occasion, where he revealed they had watched back their nuptials video and realised Foster Blake had said "conditionally" instead of unconditionally.

"And THAT is why I love this woman," Blake added in an adorable post.

"She is a god damn genius!! (in a million different ways, and also a huge babe). It is my honour to spend the rest of my life learning those conditions and fulfilling them."

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Blake and Foster Blake, 40, are in the process of relocating to Sydney from Melbourne. Foster Blake grew up in Sydney while Blake is from Melbourne.

"For a long time I have known that stealing my wife from Sydney would mean one day we'd venture there to live for a while," Blake wrote on Instagram.

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Hamish and Zoe are moving to Sydney.
Hamish and Zoe are moving to Sydney.

"The loose plan is for a few years, but however long it's for, we're excited for this adventure with our little fam. I guess we really took the 'see Australia' message seriously.

"I'm sort of glad we got to spend this last year in Melbourne while we all went through lockdown together, and experience the strength and spirit of this amazing city.

"I may wander north for a while, but Melbourne, you will always be home."

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The couple met in 2011 and after just over a year of dating they announced their engagement in January 2012.

They married in December that year, before welcoming their first child, son Sonny in May 2014. They had their second child, daughter Rudy Hazel Blake, in July 2017.



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