QANTAS boss Alan Joyce has flown way above all other Australian CEOs - pocketing at least $25 million last year.

That's about double the $13 million he made in the 2015-16 year and equates to something like 300 times the average pay cheque across Australia. It is also more than 10 times the $2.3 million Mr Joyce pocketed when the airline hit rock bottom in the 2011-12 year - the year in which he made his shock decision to ground the entire fleet and Qantas plunged to a $244 million loss.

Since then, it's just been up and up and then up again - for the airline, for its profit, for its share price, and for Mr Joyce's pay cheque. The exact figure he got in the 2016-17 year will be disclosed in Qantas's annual report this week.

The big element will be shares he was awarded in 2014 when the airline was just starting on its recovery path.

Back then he was awarded 3.25 million shares which would only "vest" - he would only get them - if the airline performed. It certainly has, in both profit and in share-price terms.

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