TOUGH CONDITIONS: Biosecurity continue to monitor a Thangool property after the death of three more horses.
TOUGH CONDITIONS: Biosecurity continue to monitor a Thangool property after the death of three more horses. Contributed

Neglect or drought: Scrutiny on horse owner after deaths

AFTER the death of three more horses on a Thangool property, Biosecurity Queensland said they are monitoring the health of the remaining horses.

Property owner Donald Baldwin said the drought conditions and age of the horses were the reason for the four euthanizations over the last 12 months.

"This is a situation that I'm handling with the vets and Biosecurity," Mr Baldwin said.

"A lot of people don't realise how dry this weather is and these are old horses, around 30 years of age.

"I'm on my property caring, feeding and maintaining these horses twice a day at least.

"You should see all the other livestock struggling around the town."

Biosecurity Queensland officers are working with Mr Baldwin and monitoring the health of his horses.

"We are advised that a private veterinarian engaged by the owner recommended that three horses be euthanized due to age-related conditions," Biosecurity Queensland spokesperson said.

"Biosecurity Queensland continues to monitor the situation."

However a group of locals believe that Mr Baldwin is neglecting the horses, causing them to be euthanized.

Charlotte Eaton was a Thangool resident for 35 years and she's aware that reports have been sent through to the RSPCA and Biosecurity Queensland for a number of years.

"I've known him for 15-16 years and I was friends with him and his family about that time ago," Ms Eaton said.

"There was about nine of us that reported the situation to the RSPCA about that time ago.

"The RSPCA didn't want to follow it up and said it's a rescue animal and that's why they were in poor condition which is absolute rubbish."

After door knocking neighbours in the area, several agreed with Mr Baldwin that the conditions and age of these horses are the main factors for their condition but none of the neighbours wished to be quoted.

Desleigh Kapernick, Thangool resident since 1982, said she had been monitoring the health of the horses closely and she believes that it's neglect causing the deaths of these horses.

"I brought a horse off Mr Baldwin 18 years ago and this horse is older then any of his horses and he's in perfect condition because it gets feed," Ms Kapernick said.

"And the excuse they're old horses, well come and have a look at my old horse in perfect condition."