DRIVING BAN: Brittany Engel pleaded guilty to drug driving in Gatton Magistrates Court.
DRIVING BAN: Brittany Engel pleaded guilty to drug driving in Gatton Magistrates Court.

‘Hearing voices’: Court told why woman smokes weed

HEARING voices that aren't really there is just one reason a Lockyer Valley woman has struggled to kick her marijuana habit.

The drug showed up in Brittany Anne Engel's system during a roadside drug test after police intercepted the woman on North St, Gatton.

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Facing a charge of drug driving, Engel, 23, appeared in Gatton Magistrates Court and told magistrate Peter Saggers that marijuana made it easier to sleep.

"I smoked it from a young age and when I stopped smoking it I started hearing voices," Engel said.

"As soon as I start getting sober, my dreams and nightmares increase and the voices increase."

Engel's lawyer told Mr Saggers his client's psychiatrist was aware of the drug use.

"(Engel) said her psychiatrist understands she uses cannabis to assist her sleeping and stop her having nightmares," the lawyer said.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Tim Hutton said the drug test took place at 10.08am on November 2 last year, when police from the Toowoomba Road Policing Unit pulled over Engel's white Ford.

"The roadside drug test returned a positive indication," Sgt Hutton said.

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A further test confirmed the drug detected in Engel's system was marijuana.

The court was told Engel, as a P-plate driver, could have faced a harsher penalty had the charge been issued to include her licence status.

"If the charge was as it should be, you would lose your licence for three months," Mr Saggers said.

As it was, he fined her $400 and disqualified her from driving for a month.

A conviction was recorded on Engel's traffic history.

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