This was the sight that greeted veterinarian Christine Burke when she opened the insulated bag left outside the vet.
This was the sight that greeted veterinarian Christine Burke when she opened the insulated bag left outside the vet.

Cats zipped inside insulated bag and dumped

A TOOWOOMBA vet has saved two cats from a "horrible, slow death", after finding them dumped outside her practice in an insulated shopping bag. 

The West Toowoomba Vet Surgery is closed on Sundays, however practice co-owner Christine Burke decided to check in on some of the animals yesterday, a decision that proved to be a life-saver.

"I got to the practice early that morning, and when I got to the back door there was a back pack lying on the ground," Ms Burke said.

"I thought, oh that's pretty strange, someone has left a backpack here, because it hadn't been there the night before.

"I took it inside and opened it, realising it was an insulated bag - and then this poor cat jumped out."

Ms Burke said she soon realised it was not alone, as "a wave of heat" emanated from the bag.

"When I looked in there was another cat in there too and it was covered in wee, the poor thing," she said.

"Once I got them out they both cowered at the back, they were so stressed."

She said although neither of the cats were microchipped or desexed, they didn't appear to be neglected.

She puzzled at how the person managed to get two cats into the small bag.

"There were no wounds and they were in good condition - but I just couldn't get over, why put them in an insulated bag," she said.

"We weren't open on Sunday. I might have not come over and the bag was left on the western side in full sunlight.

"They would have died of heatstroke. They couldn't get out, they couldn't breathe, it's just ridiculous."

Ms Burke wrote a Facebook post about the incident yesterday, which garnered more than 500 comments from horrified residents. 

"Absolutely disgusting behaviour. So glad you were there to find them, hopefully their owners can be found and prosecuted," one resident commented.

"Find who did it, then they should have the favour returned to them, a nice large insulated bag for them, see how they like it," another added.

"Absolutely heartbreaking...look at that dear little face," another said. 

Ms Burke said the animals would now be collected by RSPCA inspector, who would investigate the incident. 

"It was the thought about what could have happened, it would have been a horrible, slow death," she said. 

"We need to find (the owner) because we don't know if there are more animals there and if they may do it again."

She said it was important the residents learn that there are other options.

"If you have an animal you can no longer look after, the pound on Anzac Ave have after-hour cages, you can drive in any time and pop them in, those boxes are checked every day.

"You could take them to a vet that is open on a Sunday or you can take them to the RSPCA. There are many other options, just don't dump them in a bag."

Animal cruelty arrest: Richmond Local Area Command officers arrested two men in connection to an incident of animal cruelty at Nimbin on December 13.