Hookers, bankruptcies, crime: Life after CSG

CLAIMS that a Darling Downs town has turned into a ghost town overrun by criminals and prostitutes have been rubbished by residents.

Queensland Senate candidate MaryBeth Gundrum unloaded on Facebook saying the coal seam gas boom had come at a huge cost to the town of Chinchilla.

Ms Gundrum said Chinchilla was a thriving town of 7000 people prior to the "gas boom" and had been promised an "amazing future for their economy" by the miners and government.

"Well six years on the jobs have all but disappeared, the banks are foreclosing on van parks and motels and you could fire a gun up the main street in the middle of the day without hitting anyone.

"One van park owner just packed his bags and walked out last week.

"A lady in the fish and chip shop told me this and that the increase in crime, drug abuse and violence and prostitution has made it unsafe for the locals, who now live in fear.

"Social engineering at a huge cost to the community and to the tax payer and all for the profit of a few. "

Ms Gundrum's claims were rubbished by Chinchilla residents.

  • "A lot of those facts are very incorrect!! Whoever was telling this person needs to get their facts correct!! What a load of rubbish!!" - Len Lawton
  • "I'm laughing at this. No one here would have said anything about rape and prostitution. But the rest we know is true" -  Morgan Pribence
  • "Yeah, we never had a population of 7000 prior to the gas boom. At the most the district had a population of about 5500 with the town about 4000" - Peter Saxelby