A four-year-old boy was attacked by a dog over the weekend (file picture).
A four-year-old boy was attacked by a dog over the weekend (file picture). Zelenekky Yuriy

Horrific dog attack leaves 'beautiful 4yo' in hospital


THE shocking mauling of a four-year-old boy at Conway Beach on Sunday afternoon has been revealed as not an isolated incident, with a Bloomsbury woman reporting a similar attack at the same beach a fortnight ago.

The Lady Cilento Children's Hospital confirmed the boy was discharged this afternoon and he and his mum on their way home to the Whitsundays.

As the Whitsunday Regional Council continue the hunt for details about the dog responsible, Karen Lee has spoken out about a similar experience a fortnight ago.

A Bloomsbury local, Ms Lee was walking her dog two weeks prior at the same beach in Conway in the late afternoon when a dog with the same description as the one involved in the attack came bolting towards her and her pet Labrador.

Ms Lee described lifting her 10-year-old, 40kg dog and throwing him into her van by the lead and slamming the door before the wild dog could attack the pair.

"I feel terrible that I never reported this to the council, I told my family but didn't think anything else of it," she said.

"My heart was racing."

Ms Lee said she was so terrified after the run-in that she called her late mother as a reaction, sadly her mother had only passed a week prior.

Just before the attack Ms Lee had been bogged in sand and was helped out by local kids and their parents.

Wild dogs appear to be a problem in the region as Ms Lee reported her parent's dog was mauled by a wild dog two years ago on their property in Bloomsbury.

"I won't ever take my dog down there again," she said.

Ms Lee stressed that the Conway area was a very tight-knit community and "if it was a local dog people would know about it and who its owner was".

"North Queensland is such a beautiful area, we don't need wild dog attacks inciting fear and overshadowing its beauty on top of the crocs and stingers."


A Queensland Health spokesperson confirmed this morning the boy was admitted to Proserpine Hospital at 5.50pm on Sunday and was transported to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital later that night, where he now remains in a stable condition.

Sandra-Lee Kelly witnessed the attack at the end of Allens Rd described in detail how the attack unfolded on the "beautiful little 4-year-old".

"The little (boy) was with (his) mother, the dog pounced and mauled (his) face and the mother kicked at the dog and it was very fortunate the dog ran away," she wrote.

"This (boy) received large slices, gashes and puncture marks on his face and under (his) chin - that is, the dog lunged at the little (boy's) face."

Ms Kelly described the dog as red in colour and it's "unknown... whether this dog is a dingo, dingo-cross with a wild dog, a dog that may have been dumped".

Debate ensued in the comments of the post and photos of suspect dogs which had been sighted in the area were uploaded.

A spokesperson for the Whitsunday Regional Council said information which could lead to the capture and destruction of the animal had been difficult to garner as the mother of the child remained in Brisbane.

"(However) we are still trying to ascertain if it was a wild or domestic dog," he said.

"We are investigating and trying to get a description to determine what kind of dog it is and take action when we get further details.

Council stated that wild dogs are a declared class two pest under Queensland's Land Protection Act 2002.