'We heard the scream': Panic as fire destroys Coast home

UPDATE 1pm: Neighbours have recounted the moment a fire was discovered at a Sunshine Coast property, before the blaze destroyed a home and three caravans. 

Firefighters were unable to save the timber house on Wildflower St, Sunshine Beach, after the inferno swept through the bottom level, then the second storey.

Neighbours Casey Ripper and Shelby Hunt saw the fire break out.



A Sunshine Beach home and three caravans were destroyed in a blaze on Wednesday.
A Sunshine Beach home and three caravans were destroyed in a blaze on Wednesday. Alan Lander

"He started yelling out 'smoke' and that's when we heard the neighbours scream," Ms Hunt said.

"They were out on the balcony, they didn't even know what was going on. I don't know if they were working out the front when it took off," Mr Ripper said

"After they got out, they ran back in and got their dog out," Ms Hunt said.

"The firies took about 20 minutes to get here; the house was gone by the time the firies got here," Mr Ripper said.

"There were a few hoses from the neighbours [operating]," Ms Hunt said.

Fire tore though a house on Wildflower St, Sunshine Beach.
Fire tore though a house on Wildflower St, Sunshine Beach. Patrick Woods

"People never realise in rainy conditions you have to be careful," Mr Ripper said.

Kane Lowell was renovating in a neighbouring home when the fire broke out.

"We were just pulling the kitchen out of next door," he said.

"I came outside and there was a caravan out front on fire.

"I think he had three [caravans and trailers] there, and the fire's jumped out and gone to the house.

"You would have thought the rain would have helped stop it.

"I'm not sure why it started - just happy I alerted people before it got any worse.

"I rang the doorbell and told them to get out of the house - everyone told me that they were out.

"It looked like palm fronds were going off at the top of the caravan."

Paramedics reported no-one was injured in the fire.

UPDATE 12pm: Firefighters have extinguished a blaze that tore though a Sunshine Coast home. 

Crews were called to the house fire about 10.40am, and when they arrived five minutes later found the bottom level of the two-storey timber house engulfed in flames. 

They were unable to stop the fire from spreading to the top story, and for a time were concentrating on preventing it spreading further to other properties. 

Firefighters have since extinguished the fire, but the home is extensively damaged. 

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said at the scene that the house was "engaged" on their arrival.

"Occupants were removed and safe, no one was injured."

"At this current point in time the fire is under investigation.

"It's too early to establish any cause of the fire. At this point we're not treating it as suspicious."

Officers are continuing to douse smouldering hot spots in the home. 

UPDATE 11.20am: Sunshine Coast firefighters are battling to keep a house fire from spreading to other homes, after the blaze engulfed the two-storey building.

Four fire crews are now on the scene of the fire at Wildflower St, Sunshine Beach, after the fire was first reported at 10.40am. 

By the time the first crew arrived five minutes later, the bottom story of the home was already well involved. 

The fire has since spread to the top story, and firefighters have their hands full keeping the blaze contained to the building. 

All occupants had escaped the home before firefighters arrived. 

Paramedics and police officers are also on scene.

More to come. 

BREAKING: A Sunshine Coast home is going up in flames, with the two-storey timber structure "well involved" despite heavy showers across the region.

The first fire crew has arrived at the house on Wildflower St, Sunshine Beach, and is preparing to battle the blaze.

More crews have been dispatched to the scene.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Service spokesman said now the house was well involved in fire, the bursts of heavy rainfall across the region would be little help to firefighters.

More to come.