STARS: Desert Pea Media CEO and founder Toby Finlayson recording as part of the music video his team produced in Bowen.
STARS: Desert Pea Media CEO and founder Toby Finlayson recording as part of the music video his team produced in Bowen. Jordan Gilliland

How a music video will help break down mental health stigma

THE premiere of a locally produced and created music video highlighting indigenous issues in the region will be one of many activities taking place at a culture and conversation event occurring next month.

Desert Pea Media, an organisation that offers creative mentoring projects to youth in remote indigenous communities, has been using hip hop to create discussion about important issues­.

In May this year, the organisation arrived in Bowen to spend two weeks writing, recording and designing a music video with local youth.

The project, which was co-ordinated with the Girudala Community Co-operative Society, raised awareness of indigenous youth mental health issues by allowing the teenage participants to talk about the issue in a creative, and lasting way.

Girudala CEO Michelle Hooke said it was an important message to portray to young people.

"The community needs to know more about mental health," Ms Hooke said

"This project is an amazing way for these teenagers to learn more about it, as well as facilitate a conversation that they might not have been able to have before."

To celebrate the premiere, Desert Pea Media is returning to Bowen on Monday November 4 as part of their 'Break it down' roadshow tour.

The event will also be able to highlight and initiate a conversation around wellbeing, mental health and culture in the community.

The road show event will also be assisted by Yarn Australia, an organisation that seeks to connect indigenous and non-indigenous people in safe spaces to build unity and wellbeing.

"It's going to be a great event that we're very excited for," Ms Hooke said.

"I know that a lot of the youth that was involved in the project when it first came to Bowen are so excited to see the final product.

"They sent us a little sneak peak the other week, and the whole thing from the music to the videography was amazing.

"It's going to be a big event with live performers, the film screening, guest speakers and dinner.

"There's still even more being planned for it, so we're excited."

The event is sponsored by Primary Health Network Northern Queensland.

It will take place on Monday November 4 at the Bowen Soundshell, from 6pm to 9.30pm.