How you can help homeless people in need

WHEN you're facing a huge energy bill, do you turn down the heating or do you go without meals?

When you can't pay the rent, do you fall deeper into debt, or do you confront the frightening risks of homelessness?

Every day in Queensland, people face impossible choices like these. Poverty means making tough decisions every day and every night. Right now in Australia, more than 116,427 women, children and men are experiencing homelessness. Sometimes sleeping rough is the only option they have.

The St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland remains steadfast in its commitment to helping people in need.

From 2016 to 2017, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland provided support to one in every 15 Queenslanders.

Our services are more and more in demand as the costs of essential goods and services, including health, education and utilities, are increasing faster than wages for many low-income earners.

Others are forced by unbearable circumstances to make life-changing decisions.

A single mother called Jenny is one of those people who turned to Vinnies for help. She experienced eight years of domestic violence before facing the impossible choice of continuing to live in fear at home or leaving home with nothing.

Fortunately for Jenny and her young children, we were able to step in after she'd made her brave choice.

The family moved into one of our supported accommodations for people experiencing domestic violence, and now they are back on their feet.

With the generous contributions of the community, when people take that leap of faith, the St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland can provide them food, shelter and emotional support.

Please donate to the Vinnies Queensland 2018 Winter Appeal, and help turn the impossible choices people experiencing disadvantage face into hope for a brighter future.

To make a tax deductible donation and help Queenslanders like Jenny visit

JOHN FORREST, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland State President