Hugh Jackman doesn't want to be a 'w****r' to fans

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman Bang Showbiz

HUGH Jackman tries not to be a "w****r".

While the 'Wolverine' hunk disputes his 'nicest guy in Hollywood' label, he believes it is easier to be nice to fans who approach him rather than snapping at them because he would feel guilty later.

Speaking in Men's Fitness July/August 2013 issue, he said: "As an actor, I've always believed that any label is your enemy. Look, I was brought up in a way where you treat people with respect.

"So it's certainly easier for me to be polite and respectful to people than to be an a*****e.

"Like, if I'm walking down the street with my family and the 29th person says, 'Hey man, can I get a photo?' for me to say, 'No photos, get f****d' for the next hour I'll be thinking I shouldn't have said that.

"Whereas, if I say either, 'Yeah, no problem,' or, 'Listen, I'm with my family now, but it's nice to meet you,' then I move on, in a way it's easier.

"It's a mixture of that and also not being a w****r."

Hugh, 44, also revealed he tries to be himself when he's not working, even though he has been advised to act differently.

He said: "I try to be myself as much as I can when I'm not acting, for better or worse, but I've had publicists who've told me it's a bad idea: 'You move your hands too much, you did this too many times, you should do this, you shouldn't talk about that.'"

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